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 Norton Internet Security 2011 Final

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Norton Internet Security 2011 Final (Eng/Rus) + Crack

Norton Internet Security 2011 Final (Eng/Rus) + Crack | 214MB
Norton Internet Security 2011 - the powerful and fast protection against malware and online threats without slowing down your computer. Functions of antivirus, antispyware, firewall supplemented unique technologies to effectively protect your computer from all types of Internet threats.

Provides a quick and easy protection without slowing your computer's performance. Function of early-warning performance alerts you if other applications slow down or affect the performance of your computer. Protect your personal information online, so you can be sure that it is not become a victim of cyber fraud.Norton Internet Security 2011 - the new version of the software package for comprehensive protection for your computer. Protects against viruses and malware, protects your personal information online, and you can work and play in safety on your PC. Among the main differences package Norton Internet Security 2011 from previous versions, developers allocate a higher speed, proactive notification of the negative effects of certain applications on the overall performance of PCs, as well as the enduring protection of personal data for searching, shopping and other transactions on the Internet.

Control technology downloads Norton Download Insight package Norton Internet Security 2011 provides complete security of the user when downloading any files from the Internet or share files. Every time you save a file on your disk, the package Norton Internet Security 2011 will warn you that, if the file is safe or contains malicious code. It is important that due to technology Norton Download Insight you can take action before it received from any source file will cause harm to your system. In addition, corporate services Safe Web warns you about unsafe websites directly in search results. This ensures the blocking of known sites with viruses and the notification of unscrupulous online retailers.

What changes in this version?

- Fixed an issue where Norton Insight can show 0% confidence to the file off monitor performance.
- Fixed not updating maps of viral activity by using intelligent databases.
- Fixed a bug where the panel of anti-spam could be mistaken inactive in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2011.
- Fixed an error signal interface plug-in Anti-Spam using Microsoft Outlook.
- Fixed the inability to run an executable file from windows File Insight / Download Insight.
- Fixed a bug where the background scan of all drives in the report shows the wrong number of scanned files.
- Fixed a bug where a full scan of the whole system did not go continuously, including during prime.
- Fixed a bug where the product is reported on the expiry of the license when you upgrade from previous version.
- Fixed causes of the fall of Internet Explorer due to intrusion prevention.
- Improved performance of Norton Toolbar into Internet Explorer 9 Beta.
- Improved grab of the settings when you upgrade (installing above the previous one).
- Improved usability and performance of interaction with tech support.
- Added better support for Anti-Spam in Microsoft Outlook, when it works with multiple ***-->***s.
- Fixed causes of error 8504, which sometimes occurred when running the product.

Key technologies
Anti Spyware (Spyware)
Two-way firewall
Protection against detection
Advanced protection against phishing
Control Network
Detecting (Rootkit)
Browser security
Protection against Internet worms
Intrusion Prevention
Protection operating system and applications
Authentication website
Frequent automatic updates
SONAR behavioral protection
Spam Protection
Preventing leaks of confidential information and parental controls

Key features of Norton Internet Security:

Protection from spyware: finds and removes spyware
Higher productivity can spend less time running and examinations.
Patented technology detects rootkits, hidden in the bowels of the operating system
Protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period
Function On-going Protection automatically renews subscription
Automatically removes viruses and Internet worms
Anti-virus protection: protects against viruses, e-mail and instant messaging (ICQ, QIP, Jabber, Google Talk, etc.).
Protects against hackers
Obtaining assistance from experts with one click. Novelty
Network security monitoring enables to improve wireless network security.
Norton Identity Safe to prevent identity theft.
To serve in the background.
Do not allow the spread of e-mails infected with viruses
Blocks attempted identity theft phishers

In terms of productivity package Norton Internet Security 2011 is now even smaller and faster than previous versions. To reduce the unproductive burden on the resources of a PC, the package Norton Internet Security 2011 scans only those files that are a real risk of infection, thereby reducing the number of scans and their duration. The mechanism of preventive prompting the user to reduce the performance of your PC because of some applications, helps solve problems before they become a serious threat to a comfortable work.

An additional benefit package Norton Internet Security 2011 have two new tools "in case of emergency" under the name Norton Rescue Tools. These utilities - Norton Power Eraser and Norton Bootable Recovery Tool - allows to cope with the most pressing threats to date class scareware (malicious software that scares user warning about the infection, and the user can not remove from the screen message, and to unblock the proposed purchase code or load a fake antivirus). Utility Norton Bootable Recovery Tool helps to pre-create your own bootable media on the optical disc (CD / DVD) or USB-drive, so that in case of infection to boot from the media and quickly recover the system. Utility Norton Power Eraser is a "last resort" in severe forms of infection - with the help of this utility, you can block or remove almost any program in the system. The developers are advised to use Norton Power Eraser only in cases where other tools do not help - the utility can erase even quite ordinary programs, taking them for the virus.


Secure access to email, instant messaging and Web sites

Norton Reputation Service: instantly checks the source and age of the file, which allows much easier to detect and block fraudulent new programs than with software protection from other manufacturers.

Norton Protection System - a system of layered defense against viruses, spyware and other Internet attacks.

Norton Download Insight warns that the downloaded file or the application contains malicious code before it is launched or installed on your computer.

Norton File Insight provides detailed information about the files in the system, including the source (URL site), and level of reliability of the file.

Norton Pulse Updates running in the background and loads the Pulse updates every 5-15 minutes - more often than other competing products - for timely protection against online threats.

Heuristic protection SONAR 3 track suspicious behavior of programs on your computer in order to quickly identify new online threats.

Monitoring e-mail and instant messaging checks e-mails and instant messages for suspicious links and dangerous attachments.

Smart two-way firewall blocks intruders trying to gain access to your computer and steal personal information.
Maps and monitoring network shows all devices connected to your wireless home network, helping to identify unauthorized attempts to connect and / or interception of identity during your online experience.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool creates a rescue disk (CD-ROM drive or DVD drive USB) for recovery of the computer even when it is so infected, that does not even boot.

Means of addressing the vulnerabilities prevent malicious use of security holes in applications to prevent viruses and spyware on your computer.

Professional block spam filters the unwanted, dangerous and fraudulent emails.

Jabber detects and blocks the automatic programs used by hackers to take control of your computer to gain access to confidential information and send spam to attack other computers.

Protection from worms, helps protect your computer from rapidly spreading Internet-borne worms and prevents them from accidentally spread to other computers.

Rootkit detection finds and removes deeply embedded malware, which may be hidden under other types of attacks aimed at seizing control of your computer.

Safe work with e-shops, banks and social networking sites

Norton Safe Web warns you about suspicious and fraudulent Web sites directly in search results and automatically blocks them.

Protection from phishing blocks fraudulent Web sites created by hackers to steal identities and cash user.

Norton Identity Safe allows you to log on to Web sites with one click and automatically fill out forms, protect against theft of information during the input.

Norton Safe Web (scanner social music sites) protects you and your friends Facebook ? from dangerous Web sites, cybercriminals and other online threats.

Norton Identity Safe On-The-Go provides access to identification data and passwords from any PC protected with Norton Internet Security 2011, NIS 2011 or Norton 360 version 4.0, using the drive USB.

Protection without sacrificing performance

The function of early warning of performance
warns about the applications that slow down your computer so you can take timely action.

Norton Insight detects and scans only those files at risk, so you want to scan less often, and his speed is unmatched.

Norton System Insight demonstrates how individual files and applications affect performance, which allows for maximum speed.

Silently blocks all non-urgent warnings and updates when you watch movies or play in full screen mode.

Smart scheduling scans and updates only while the computer is idle.

Use all the security features with easy-to-use functions
Parental controls allow you to monitor how children use the Internet, and ensure their safety on the network.
Free clock support ensures you receive answers to questions by phone, email, chat, just when they are needed most.

Norton Control Center allows you to configure various options for managing programs and provides quick access to Norton through a web browser on the same page.

Norton Ongoing Protection automatically downloads software updates and new features as they become available during the subscription period, without interrupting your work and lowering computer performance.

The monthly report contains information on actions to protect against threats, the program Norton Internet Security for the past month.

Power Saver Settings help prolong your laptop computer on battery power, postponing non-critical surgery to connect the computer to the mains.


If you have Windows 7 x64, then, if you want to upgrade manually, nominally to remove the previous version, and then restart the OS and install the new version, and then immediately, without rebooting, update antivirus databases. It is necessary to get the correct settings scanning module based reputation.

If you have a x86 OS, then you can safely install the new version over previous one: no problem.



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Norton Internet Security 2011 Final
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